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- Beginners may rejoice! I have streamlined my Amazon Supply Affiliate Link section if you're looking for a more streamlined place to order what you need to get started growing mushrooms at home without a pressure sterilizer. The links also include further detail on how / why to use the supply listed. Go to 90SecondMycology.com/supplies.


- The last live stream with Mycotrophic is available for viewing on my YouTube channel! We covered many great topics, including why you should switch from tubs to Unicorn Grow Bags!

Responsive YouTube video

- I have launched my beginner flowcharts along with a campanion YouTube video. Head over to 90SecondMycology.com/flowcharts to check out the PDF file and YouTube video!


- 'NO IMPULSE SEALER, NO FLOW HOOD Unicorn Bag Procedures \\ Small Business Mushroom Farming Ideas' was REINSTATED by YouTube after going through the creator support chat. Go give it a watch!


- The much anticipated '60 Second Pasta Tek - Start to Finish' is now available for viewing on YouTube!


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